Golden Valley Country Club, is an equal opportunity employer. GVCC provides equal employment opportunities to all persons regardless of age, race, color, sex, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, physical or mental disability, or status with regard to public assistance; and to disabled veterans, and veterans of the Vietnam era, and any other status or condition protected by state or federal law.

The information contained in this application is considered private, except for your veteran status, job history, education and training, and work availability, and used only in conjunction with your possible employment. Please furnish complete information, as failure to provide the data required by this application may result in rejection of your application.

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Please list three references that are not related to you that are able to discuss your professional history. At least 2 should be direct or indirect supervisors or managers.

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I hereby certify that all of the information provided by me in this application (or any other accompanying or required documents) is correct, accurate and complete to the best of my knowledge. I understand that the falsification, misrepresentation or omission of any facts in said documents will be cause for denial of employment or immediate termination of employment regardless of the timing or circumstances of discovery. I understand that submission of an application does not guarantee employment. I further understand that, should an offer of employment be extended by Golden Valley Country Club, (hereinafter referred to as GVCC) that such employment with is at-will, for no specified duration and may be terminated by either GVCC or myself at any time, with or without cause or notice at any given time. I understand that none of the documents, policies, procedures, actions, statements of GVCC or its representatives, with the exception of the Club President, used during the employment process is deemed a contract of employment real or implied.

I herby authorize any and all schools, former employers, references, courts and any others to provide record, reason for leaving and all other information that may pertain to me and to provide such information to GVCC and/or any of its representatives, agents or vendors and I release all parties involved from any and all liability for any and all damage that may result from providing such information.

I understand that this application is considered current for three months. If I wish to be considered for employment after this period I must fill out and submit a new application.

BY CHECKING BELOW, I ACKNOWLEDGE THAT I HAVE READ, UNDERSTOOD AND AGREE TO THE ABOVE STATEMENTS. If you do not check agreeing to these conditions, or you withdraw your application before completing it, your information will not be accepted.